Ryan Kash

Even at an early age, New Jersey native Ryan Kash showed a passion for music and movies.As a teenager Ryan decided he wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, first with video and film production and later as an entertainer. He has a versatile energetic sound in his music, and has a distinct vision for his image and videos.

After being locked up a few times, Ryan decided to become a Youth Advocate, to give guidance and advice to troubled teens and to help prevent them from making the same mistakes he had made.

Ryan Kash acted in Batman Dark Knight Rises in 2012, playing a villain who gets assassinated by the police in a battle scene. He has been building an international fan base with his music, and currently has a popular club song with one of the top DJ's in Jersey, DJ Jayhood.

Ryan also recently collaborated with Bully, a member of the infamous rap group D-Block.

In 2013, Ryan caught the attention of world renowned artist manager and entertainment consultant Tono Miakoda, and was recruited as the first Rap/Hip-Hop artist on the W Music Group client roster.