Vines Of Venom

No longer silent. Tiaa who is known for being a RISK TAKER. After working behind the scene as a credited and world-renowned music producer and songwriter, Tiaa decided to unleash what has been lurking in her veins for a very long time and gave birth to VOV-which is short for Vines of Venom, a female fronted hardcore, rock, alternative and metal band.

Vines of Venom's music is definitely new and uncharted territory, impossible to narrow down to one genre and is difficult to put into a box. Their widespread sound is raw, with an intense hardcore edge, bringing influences from every genre of extreme Hardcore Rock, Metal and everything above and underground.

As lead singer and lead songwriter for the band, Tiaa explains that their music sounds like spitting fire, anger, sorrow, despair, screaming from the top of your lungs until hell boils over, it sounds like betrayal, acceptance and finally embracing the worst shit you could ever imagine”. "I have regained my aim is steady-and now I am in control of my voice, my individuality, my pursuit and this moment, I dug beyond the lining of my soul. I had to strip myself of everything that existed before, I wrote from a place where fear was challenged and acceptance was welcomed". Our music is for the open minded the nonjudgmental and unprejudiced heart.