Seminar and Webinar

Masters Seminar/Webinar Series

W Music Group, one of the Entertainment industries premier Artist Management, Music Production, and Entertainment Consultant firms is proud to announce their new and exciting initiative: The “Music & Entertainment Business Masters Seminar/Webinar Series.”

Limited number of serious participants

These informative music seminars are exclusive to a limited number of serious participants. It's not your typical music seminar where you're 1 in 600 attendees in a crowded room trying to make contact with industry professionals to get their questions answered.

Each event is limited to just 25 participants. Included in each in-depth 6 hour Seminar/Webinar is the opportunity for unsigned artists, producers, musicians, and managers to meet, greet and interrogate 3 of the music industry’s top professionals in close and intimate setting.

Critique, Advice and Education

As part of the seminar offering, Tono, Redding and a Guest Speaker will critique your song demo and press kit, offer production advice, consider management and song placements and discuss the importance and level of your social media tools and visual content (EPK).

They will educate participants on how the music industry really works and what labels executives really look for in an artist or project including how to secure a deal, label negotiations, artist agreements, production deals, management agreements, royalty calculations, copyrights, publishing, and more.

Tono and Redding will also consider offering industry referrals to the right attendees, artist development, and even artist/producer management depending on their perceived value in potential clients. Each Seminar/Webinar will include a surprise guest speaker (a Music Industry Professional), which will, advise on subjects such as studio production, studio gear, live gear, songwriting, publishing, song placements, legal, A&R, and more.

Seminar or Webinar

These exclusive Seminars/Webinars will take place in NYC-London-and Stockholm and will include lunch and sample materials. The Seminars/Webinars are also available on the web via video conferencing.

Dates and Pricing

For Dates and Pricing call Paul Taylor at 212-380-1866 ex. 706


Tono Miakoda is a world renowned Artist Manager and Entertainment Consultant and with over two decades of experience in the Music Industry. He has developed and managed some of the music industries premier songwriters and record producers whose songs have generated over 200 million worldwide record sales including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, Jessica Simpson, Bonnie Rait, and Kelly Rowland. Tono provides artists, writers, producers, managers, and independent labels with the necessary advice, guidance, artist-development and business support services required to establish and maintain lucrative careers in the music recording industry. ”


Redding Thomas is the Managing Director of Cyber Castle Entertainment which offers business consulting, artist management, production and project management services to individual clients, independent production companies, and major label distributors. He has extensive operations and marketing experience in the music recording industry including his former senior executive positions with BMG Entertainment and V2/Gee Street Records, along with recent consulting engagements with Sony Music Entertainment. For over two decades, Redding has held key financial, strategic, and operational positions including his former role as a Chief Operating Officer of a New York based financial services firm and as a management consultant with Arthur Andersen & Co.